Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tainach English Week

ESL. I am allowed to comment because my GSL is just as awesome as the following board:
I don't watch any movie.
Mr. Bean socks.
Mr. Bean hang his socks.
I was hear music.
Yesterday I made a listening music.
Yesterday I gave Esther a paper!
Wiener Schnitzel + Yesterday I ate.
I went to go to bed at 02:00am.
Yesterday I was swimming.

Then we worked on it a bit... added some, crossed some out, took a picture as a keepsake.

About 13 students in my class (depending what day of the camp it was -- started with 9... then 10... you get the picture). Classroom to ourselves for 3 hours every morning. Can you imagine what kind of fun was had?!

But the camp had a total of 70 kids and 7 teachers.
Now can you imagine what kind of fun we had?!

We learned some English.
We face-painted which led to...body-paint!
We played musical chairs.
We had a scavenger hunt while playing musical chairs.
We represented the continents of the world.
We climbed trees.
We went on a hike.
They tried to get me to speak German. I tried to get them to speak English.
We played lots of soccer.
We went swimming all the time.
We made a sketch titled "The Queen visits McDonalds".
I always had sweets in my pocket.
We felt like we were on vacation.
We had a midnight swim.
We didn't talk about boys.
They wore short shorts.
**We wished on falling stars.**
(I hope mine comes true... all 13 of them...)
We swam in the Drau River.
We played with glitter.
We always had a great view.
We ate yummy food.
We celebrated some birthdays.
We tried interpretive dance.
We got lost.
We went shopping.
We didn't sleep much.
We managed 20 min of chapel a night.
We learned origami.
We made friends.
We got scared.
We picked some corn.
We ate the raw corn we picked.
We were always late.
We ate ice-cream.
We made up a water-volleyball-hop.
We drummed.
We had a vuvuzela choir.
Did you know that the caps on plastic bottles make a vuvuzela sound when you blow on them?!
We discoed like there was no tomorrow.
We hated getting up in the morning.
We tried to go running more than once... fail
We drank free juice and ate free fruit.
We found a pony.
We ate apples off a tree.
We made fun of each other.
We learned some tongue twisters.

Best. Camp. Ever.

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Becca said...

How fun!

For the record my favorite thing said to me in Russia...

Becca, Make a souvenir to yourself.

I did make a souvenir to my self.