Monday, June 4, 2012

R.I.P. -- jk!

Can a blog die?

If so, can it also resurrect?

Check yes or no.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Minciostr 35/1/20

"You can knock...
... if you're AWESOME"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ring. Heart. Dinner. Cake. Day.

"In case nobody else gives you a ring, you get one from me!" -Mom

Scavenger Hunt -AK

Dinner -Restaurant

Homemade Deliciousness -ED/AK

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2wenty 4

{M2, J7, BirthdayGurl}

Turning 24 in my life is similar to:

15 in Mexico
17 in the Sound of Music
14 at a stake dance
sweet 16+ a car
50th wedding anniversary
you get the picture.


Heck, those boys came to my parties! J7 pranked me with a fake-chocolate-cake!! M2 helped me blow out way more than 24 candles!! BG prepared my favorite meal (!) AND gave me a gift which made it on the top-5-gifts-ever-gifted-to-Esther-list (jewelry stand)!! We also went to McDonalds the day-of, making turning 24 just that much more delicious. Oh, had a campfire (with s'mores!). Went out for ice cream. Had people sing to me... 3x that week. Few days later had a special delivery of chop-sticks. Just great!

Thanks Thanks Thanks!!

Shout-out to all those who took part, or didn't, in my birthday celebration on Sept 29 (week thereof), 2010: M2 J7 BG GG Maddii Michael Marvin Carlie Jean-Mark Sarah Lukas Emmanuel Michiru Dani E.Ray E.Bishop Tristan Adam Matt Mara Grey Stone Bekah Hunter Amanda Vera Chrisi Chris Johannes Stevie Larissa Kerstin Naemi Magdalena Mom Dad Thomas Arek Jessi Becca Juli Andy Sarah Laura Alruna {164 Facebook Friends} AND A SPECIAL THANKS to "food that made an appearance, only to disappear again" AND A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to "bon-fire"

Sunday, December 26, 2010


This was my attempt at a 5-layer birthday cake.

This was my first 'n final attempt at a 5-layer birthday cake.

(And to think I was trying to make an 8-layer cake?! I'm crazy. And I overestimate my talents.)

My Riesens

I don't multitask.
Can't walk and unwrap candy.
plup plup plup

3 of my Riesens are on the sidewalk of Vienna's Main Street equivalent.

2 Options:

Walk away with the 6 I have left.

Honor the "10 second roll" rule.

I chose the latter. And I'm not dead yet.

Addendum 1 of 2: The "10 second rule" has no exceptions, ever.
Addendum 2 of 2: There is also a "3 minute rule" and a "1 week rule" when living a student life-style.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jolly Holiday

Charlie Brown Christmas at Esther's:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Have a Seat, Dad

I get my good looks from...
...my mom and dad.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

my Z A N Y friend

You know how everyone develops a patented intro over time?

Mine has become:

"This is Esther. She's my friend from _{school/ church/ mutual friend}_. She's from Alaska and speaks 3 languages. She now attends Medical School in Vienna."


I would much prefer the following:

"This is Esther. She's chronically late to everything. Her German is different because she's from Alaska and Brazil and who knows where else. She goes to Med School because someday she'll start a charity in Africa. Besides that -- don't ask me, ask her."


A bit informal, and two times longer than the other, but FAR MORE ME. Just a couple weeks ago, 2 different people described me, one as crazy and the other as zany. Finally! The real me is making a statement!!

Toy Story 3

You can't fool me:
  • I know Santa isn't real.
  • I know Edward Cullens doesn't exist.
  • I know there aren't monsters in my closet. {nice try Monster's Inc.}

But what if my toys do come to life when I'm not looking?

I laughed out loud, hit 120bpm, then cried. Toy Story 3 is worth it x3.