Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Sincere Compliment

My privilege to live 3 months with these ladies: Jenny and Breanna.

The first night was a bit of a shock:
"Ya, I'm from Provo."
"Really, Provo? Like you are actually from Provo?"
"Ya, I'm from Provo."
"Oh, ok."

Jenny, aka Mrs. Smith, is one tumble* after the other. Her Dang-lish* will have you rolling on the floor for days! In the kitchen she'll make a crepe-stack that can actually kill you if consumed {so delicious}. Her handwriting is CuTiE-BaBoOtIe* and she is a writer on this hilarious blog: stuff BYU people like. And just as a + for all you who know and don't know her: she will have the best wedding ever this September. According to her fiance, roller coasters and Austrian flowers are the least you can expect at this Party of the Century. I'm pretty super excited, despite her not being 100% sure on the colors (I still vote navy, grey, white).

Breanna will single-handedly start any fashion trend, anywhere in the world, at any time. Snarky*1! She's the next Mrs. Obama with regard to style. Get this: in 3 months she has cat-walked a darling red jacket with a bow and ruffle lapel, sported colorful tights/not so colorful tights, done the skinny jeans and stilettos , even discovered Vienna's-Secret-Asian-Shoe-Market*. Although defeating the intent of her talent, HIRE her to take stalker pictures of you. They are gorgeous and good and will someday be worth millions: photographic curiosity. Breanna is Class to a T*. Proof 1: she has a page dedicated to chocolate and their labels in her journal!! Proof 2: she loves shoes!! Proof 3: she does poetry!! Her traveling mantra is one to be adopted: travel like you are only ever going to do it once. Oh, and she kindly woke me up in the morning, inviting me to join her morning jogs (which I have stopped doing since she left...)

These 2 girls are my friends. I love them. I miss them. I wish them the best. On our last night, I found a little love note from them, cut-flowers*, and sheet music from Mozart on my table. This was among the top 5 most sincere compliments I have ever received -- the fact that we had become friends.


* Tumble: Sporadic outburst of laughter on accident and worth recording (pic, movie, journal).
*Dang-lish: The language all us American ex-pats speak when we attempt Deutsch. Some speak more DANG some more LISH. Main thing to remember - it's a language.
*CuTiE-BaBoOtIe: Super adorable, ideal for scrapbooking, looks like a computer typed it.
*Snarky: 1. substitute for 'dang!' 2. A brown-nose, I'm better than you attitude (Breanna, correct me if I'm wrong!)
*Vienna's-Seceret-Asian-Shoe-Market: not actually a market, rather a collection of the best and most affordable shoes, found in small shops around Vienna, always owned by an Asian.
*Class to a T: I have never understood why anything is to a T, but I think it means 'perfectly' or 'in its fullest'.
*Cut-flowers: Make sure you vote!!!


Jenny said...

Love it--especially the new vocab! Miss you!

Breanna said...

So wonderful! Can't wipe the smile off my face. I am so glad that we were roomies. I miss living with the two of you!

PS: Your interpretations of snarky work great! It's an all-purpose word. Sassy, snappy, grumpy, uppity, witty-- it's the word to replace them all! Pass it on! Tell your friends! ;)

Jessi said...


Unfortunately my lunch break is over so I will be catching up on it tomorrow!


Also how did you get a poll? that's great.

Jessi said...

PS I don't vote for navy, grey and white. Unless you somehow work tan in there and put all the men in tan suits....

trust me I work at Martha Stewart.

eduffles said...

I think she is going more with some grey silver and orangish/salmon shade... Jenny, am I right? Should be nice with the fall season. Jessi, if you could plan a wedding this fall, what would your colors be?!

Gwen Wyntour said...

But also, good roommates are totally rare. You should not have let them go...