Sunday, July 11, 2010

Standards & Co.

If you aren't Mormon, this entry is over your head. If you wanna know, just ask.

To Switzerland and back. Interlaken, Baden, Zollikofen, TEMPLE.

Way out of touch with myself. Then people I served with {served an 18 month mission at Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City: Temple Square last year}, like Pam and Olivia, gave me some crazy-good-life-tips!!
Ex1: Do what you must (prayer, scriptures, church) as for the rest, do it only if it makes you happy.
Ex2: Friendships are actually worth investing time.
Ex3: Choices is a full package deal, includes consequences.

I had started slacking...
But I'm back in check!!

Quick review of the standards I live:
  • shoulders covered
  • no sex before marriage
  • fun doesn't include alcohol, drug, or cigarettes
  • 3 hours of church on Sunday morning
  • have friends that respect my standards
  • don't drink coffee or black tea
  • others too -- but these are the 'interesting' ones. ;-)

Then I ask myself, "Why do I live so different from the person standing next to me on the Strassenbahn?" The reason that I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is as follows:
1. It makes me happy.
2. It is true. Seriously.


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Daniela Urquidi said...

I love you blog Esther, please keep posting and I'll keep visiting! Love, Dani Urquidi