Thursday, July 15, 2010


Look at these FruitLoops:

Yeah! Where did the red, orange, blue ones go?!?! ToucanSam... slacker.

Muted is actually a good way to describe a lot of things over here. America has a snappy, crack, pop feel too it; Austria just keeps doing what is has always been doing...

I miss American-Pizazz!

America has that 'go Big or go Home' attitude!
Austria does not have water-fountains in every building.
American yards look awesome! (they all match!)
Austria has a million little grocery stores, little pharmacies, little kebap stands.
America has Costco and Walmart!
Austria has a lot of old people that ride the public bus system.
America is more willing to serve, smile, and be friendly!
Austria uses trains as a common mode of transportation.
America is cleaner (people included)!
Austria smokes. *cough *cough
America has more better looking guys and cars!
Austria is slower (not talking about traffic).
America has more and better parties! (open house policy)
Austria is formal and frugal.
America makes less of a deal about money!
Austria only has 3 colors of FruitLoops. (Not even FruitLoops. How about LameLoops,)
America has Root Beer and Peanut Butter M&Ms!
Austria doesn't eat much fast food.
America flaunts trends! (organic, running, clothes, music, etc.)

It is my personal duty to bring a little more !! into this .-society.


Björek said...

bahahahah "lame loops"

i wish you luck on your endeavor to bring !!! to Austria. :)

Jana said...

I love this post, so much. And I agree with everything that has been said.

Anonymous said...

There isn't a better person for the job than you!!!!!!! They all agreed -- Laura

Becca said...

Basically without blue or red loops they cannot deem themselves fruity or delicious. Shame on Kellogg Cereal Company. Shame shame shame.

Wilson Duffles said...

Austrians are a great people, and Austria is a wonderful nation. Different is not necessarily better or worse, but just that - different. I trust that your experience in Austria will provide you with great memories that will last a lifetime.


eduffles said...


This post is a perfect parallel, also from an ex-pat.