Thursday, July 29, 2010


Aren't we sooo cute in our sooo yellow shirts and sooo big smiles?! Best colleagues ever.

Last week, 44 of my hours were donated to helping 4,000 kids of Vienna herd from one medical lecture to the other. They learned (from some of my professors!) about the most poisonous animals (Taipan Snake), how the Cell is a City, that the human bones fit like a puzzle, how hygiene is key in medicine, why boys run faster than girls, etc...

Favorite Story came from the class "Dicker Bauch? Nein, danke!"
This hour was dedicated to nutrition, and emphasized the importance of eating right and staying a healthy weight.

The professor passed out measuring tapes, one per child. Their assignment was to go home and measure themselves and their parents. One little boy, hand wildly waving in the air, asked, "Can I have 2?!" The teacher asked why. "I don't think 1 will fit around my Dad!"

For pictures of the adorable Viennese children who were at KinderUni this year, click here.

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Becca said...

oh my gosh what a funny story! I love that he asked for two. Totally cracked me up.