Thursday, July 29, 2010

29th July 2010

Last Day of Summer

My roomies finished their SUMMER semester yesterday, then flew to the USofA today. {1 min of silence, please, thank you, I miss them}
H&M and Mango are finishing their Summer Sales. (haven't yet found THE pencil skirt...grrr.)
Right now, on the table, arms reach away, is the Herbst Catalog for H&M. Eeek! (yet so chic)
June and July sound like summer. {must be the Ju-Ju rhyme}
Last night was chilly enough for a jacket. (or a boyfriend, I chose jacket)
I haven't seen water-fights in weeks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGAXaGdC5CQ
Neighbors have returned home from their summer vacations.
I have worn jeans (long ones, that cover my entire leg) for 1 week straight.
No longer obsessed with sandal shopping. (favorite summer hobby! This year: 3)
The tomatoes are ripe and delicious!!
On the 28th of July I wanted to go swimming, but today I don't.


RIP summer-toes 2010.


Unknown said...

schade! those toes look quite beautiful :)

i'm getting my first pedicure of the summer...today.

and right before i put my toes away for 18 months! What was i thinking! i should've done it sooner...

eduffles said...

{I got some pedicures while on the mission}

Becca said...

You are a rule breaker...and that makes me love you twenty times more...which is pretty amazing considering I love you a lot already.
{Oh wait that's too inappropriate to post for anyone to see...you'll have to ask about it later}