Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shout-Out to: My Psyche

My body is cool. My body is probably cooler than your body. Wait, more accurately, My Psyche. Yeah, that's right: My Psyche is Cooler Than Your Psyche.

Mine can
prioritizes subconsciously.

Being an expert procrastinator and rookie student, at my disposal were 50 Crossword Puzzles (one being on the exam), 12 hours (to study, sleep and be at the testing center), and 60 pages of Medical Terminology.

Down. Across. Down. Across. Dens and Ortho both mean teeth?? Down. Across. Zzzzzzzz.

My Psyche is Master Balancer, in charge of everything and anything pertaining to me. It knew I needed sleep and study. No credit to me, all credit towards My Psyche . Clever Solution: sleep for 2.5 hour. That's right. It took a NAP in the middle of the night! Didn't need and alarm clock. Didn't need to be drug out of bed. Didn't need time to 'look cute'. My body fell asleep, My Psyche told it, "Wake-up!"

My Psyche is Cooler than Your Psyche.

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