Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DiS-tRaaaa-K: shun-Z

How am I supposed to study for and pass the most ImPortAnt medical exam of my life (up to this point) by being the Queen-of-Distractions?!

Wanna know what I uTubed yesterday:
  • asdf
  • A Celtic Woman
  • Flash Mob
  • My Boy Lolipop
  • Brian Stokes Mitchell
  • Jason Castro

How? Why? One MoNTH and counting. Counting down. Please, let my brain know that it needs to understand how it works anatomically before it can take time to 'blog' 'sing' 'dance' and essentially 'waste'.

Yet here I sit, figuring out for the first time 'how to blog'.


Gwen Wyntour said...

When a person is in med school they need to spend as much time as possible doing the opposite of what med school is asking them to do.

This blog is worth it.

Liz.Bell.Mason said...

I'm so glad you started a blog! Good luck on your exam :)