Sunday, August 29, 2010

my Z A N Y friend

You know how everyone develops a patented intro over time?

Mine has become:

"This is Esther. She's my friend from _{school/ church/ mutual friend}_. She's from Alaska and speaks 3 languages. She now attends Medical School in Vienna."


I would much prefer the following:

"This is Esther. She's chronically late to everything. Her German is different because she's from Alaska and Brazil and who knows where else. She goes to Med School because someday she'll start a charity in Africa. Besides that -- don't ask me, ask her."


A bit informal, and two times longer than the other, but FAR MORE ME. Just a couple weeks ago, 2 different people described me, one as crazy and the other as zany. Finally! The real me is making a statement!!


Jessi said...

And the best part is that I was present and accordingly dressed for that picture.

Wow you are tired of the fact you speak three languages and are a med student? Being a genius is hard I guess....

Becca said...

I like the second description...