Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2wenty 4

{M2, J7, BirthdayGurl}

Turning 24 in my life is similar to:

15 in Mexico
17 in the Sound of Music
14 at a stake dance
sweet 16+ a car
50th wedding anniversary
you get the picture.


Heck, those boys came to my parties! J7 pranked me with a fake-chocolate-cake!! M2 helped me blow out way more than 24 candles!! BG prepared my favorite meal (!) AND gave me a gift which made it on the top-5-gifts-ever-gifted-to-Esther-list (jewelry stand)!! We also went to McDonalds the day-of, making turning 24 just that much more delicious. Oh, had a campfire (with s'mores!). Went out for ice cream. Had people sing to me... 3x that week. Few days later had a special delivery of chop-sticks. Just great!

Thanks Thanks Thanks!!

Shout-out to all those who took part, or didn't, in my birthday celebration on Sept 29 (week thereof), 2010: M2 J7 BG GG Maddii Michael Marvin Carlie Jean-Mark Sarah Lukas Emmanuel Michiru Dani E.Ray E.Bishop Tristan Adam Matt Mara Grey Stone Bekah Hunter Amanda Vera Chrisi Chris Johannes Stevie Larissa Kerstin Naemi Magdalena Mom Dad Thomas Arek Jessi Becca Juli Andy Sarah Laura Alruna {164 Facebook Friends} AND A SPECIAL THANKS to "food that made an appearance, only to disappear again" AND A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to "bon-fire"

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Jessi said...

That picture is cute but a little creepy. Your feet are burning and you're so happy about it...