Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bike Puzzle

My mom's old bike arrived last week, in a box, to be assembled. Marvin helped. I figured he had 'experience' in this area, considering he studies engineering, is 25, and owned a bike before it was stolen out of his yard last month.

Team work: I unwrapped parts, he assembled parts.

SO EXCITED. Having a bike in Vienna is like owning a superpower. 14 min from my door to the classroom door. Superpower for sure.

Just 2 min into my first 14 min race, I began to WiGgLe WoGgLe as I pUt On ThE BrAkEs!!
Do you see a problem?!

And all it took was this little handy piece of metal to tighten that other little piece of metal.

Superpower ready for use.


Becca said...

Esther!!! It's the bike from our adventures. I recognized it right away! I remember strapping licorice and cherry's to the back of the sucker and riding for hours. I also remember crashing into each other. Ha.

eduffles said...

YES BECCA, it is!! And I had a whole vision of how I could explain to the world that this bike was a 2 passenger bike when I was 12 and that we used walkie-talkies while going through the woods -- HOLY HECK. Realized that it would be so boring to anyone reading it though... Good times. I want to go back and do that again. You coming with me?