Friday, July 23, 2010

AIDS Research

According to my recent poll: AIDS research is totally worth it!

Many right-winged conservatives drop by to read my blog. I was surprised to have see 100% of voters support AIDS research. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! (not quite sure if I'm congratulating AIDS research or you people who voted. ToBeConsideredLater)

A friend of mine, Arek, worked the convention that took place in Vienna Austria last week -- a worldwide conference to raise awareness concerning the crisis that AIDS poses on humanity. Target topics at the conference included: prevention, research, infection statistics, and awareness. (From what I witnessed, the only topic that the conference cared about was condoms, but whatever. I got a free T-Shirt.)

Melissa is one of my best friends {insert anything you could want with regards to bragging about a person. all are true when it comes to Mel}. She sent me a letter, via mail (on the most beautiful stationary), mentioning that she was at an AIDS conference that same week at the Harvard Medical School. Mel has actively participate in AIDS research since 2005 at the University of Utah. Her studies then took her east to MIT, where she is currently a Grad Student, again furthering AIDS research. Because she was at the Harvard Convention, I decided to attend here in Vienna.

Opinion I formed:
AIDS needs to be stopped. Promiscuity in the Western World and Cultural-Rituals in Africa and Drug abuse everywhere needs to stop. Is this even a possible goal? No,{shame that} it isn't. Today's world is one that solicits a lifestyle where AIDS
can thrive. Really, too bad. Although I myself am choosing the only guaranteed way to stay HIV-free, this does not allow me to shun others who aren't. Like I mentioned above, AIDS affects humanity. I need to do my part to make a contribution; do my part to promote a safe lifestyle; do my part to notice and assist those groups of people who are affected, do my part in supporting the research that might someday be successful. Why? As a good person, I view it is my responsibility to care for the poor and needy. Mosiah 18:9

Listen -- What could happen should AIDS not be stopped? Could it alter enough to become contagious? Could it grow at a more accelerated rate, affecting the next generation even more? Might it begin to simultaneously create other viruses?

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