Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All that... x6

The formula for getting a med degree here at the MedUniWien:

Lock yourself in your room. All distractions, no matter how tempting or necessary, are simply out of the question. The locked door will also keep you in your own room.

Food may only be purchased if doubled with a trip to the Uni or library.

The sun may only be seen through your window (so glad we had rain for these past 2 months). You will need a fan in your room.

Phone calls have new parameters: Medical School buddies are allowed, all other friends must be ignored (they might distract you).

Study. Going into detail would put me in a state of psychological distress, so lets leave it at that: STUDY.

Pick 1 outfit per week, and wear it daily. My pick this year was a floral skirt from the thrift store, white tank, and green cardigan. Saved time. Looked presentable. Fit comfortably. Temperature adaptable. All-activities appropriate. Relieved stress.

Cry. This lets you feel the magnitude of the exam you'll be taking.

Smaller rules:
Don't do laundry.
Don't clean anything.
Don't cook. You don't have time.
Don't go shopping.
Don't stop thinking, ever, about Med Classes.
Text pop-quiz questions to your friends.

Have a To-Do list with only study-relevant goals listed...

Expect the worst out of life.
Be jealous of everyone who isn't studying for this test. No matter how bad their day looks, they still don't have to take the SIP. This includes close friends, family, and strangers on the Strassenbahn.
Develop a love for YouTube (distraction purposes as well as learning material)
Facebook during study breaks, so that you don't have to leave your room.
Forget to shower for days on end.
Sleep whenever you are tired, study whenever you are awake.
Drink lots of water.
Sometimes, throw yourself a pity-party. No guests allowed.
Forget you ever had hobbies.

Run. away+fast -- JK!
Do only what you want, when you want. Since you only want to pass the test, you will only want to study... but sometimes you can't mentally handle it, so do whatever the heck you want. It's like your birthday.
Have cool music on your iPod which should always be charged.
Have a variety of pens and highlighters and paper. Makes note taking bearable.


Have attitude problems, and say it is out of your control.

Mumble whatever you want under your breath.

Then it's over. Life is worth living again.

Oh wait... 5 more times?!


Becca said...

Your blog is all in crazy German...how in the heck am I suppose to post anything! Jokes. I'll just hit the orange button and hope for the best...it says veroffentlichen? By the way, even if you don't shower and you wear the same outfit every day, I still think you are smashingly attractive.

P.S. At least Nutzername and passwort resemble username and password. I think I can handle this.

eduffles said...

Becca -- I'm such a klutz on this blog thing, and I don't know how to change the language!! It drives me nuts too!! haha... I'll keep trying though.

Amanda said...

This post made me laugh so hard. I like your blog.

And while I have the same problem as Becca- namely, not being able to read German- I do have access to a translator. One more reason I'm glad I married Josh. So I can successfully decipher your blog.

andreas said...

hopefully my last one!!!!